What is Dropshipping?

If you are reading this blog post, it is likely you wish to start your own dropshipping business and specially to do dropshipping from UK suppliers.  Or you simply want to know what exactly dropshipping is. This blog post will discuss what is dropshipping in general as well as what is NewNine dropshipping specifically and how to do dropshipping from UK suppliers with NewNine Partner Program.

So, what is dropshipping? 

In essence, dropshipping is simply a specific form of retail business. It differs from traditional retailing by the fact that with dropshipping the seller (retailer) does not buy products in advance from a wholesaler. Instead, the seller uses their business and communication skills to arrange a deal with the dropshipping supplier who allows the seller to first sell the supplier’s goods and only then to come and buy the goods from the supplier. After this is done the dropshipping supplier sends the product directly to the seller’s end-customer.

Dropshipping in the Era of eCommerce

In the age of eCommerce, a lot of retailing happens on the internet. And dropshipping is not an exception. It features a specifically organised online supply chain management, where the retailer requests permission to sell dropshipping supplier’s goods on the retailer’s website. When the supplier grants the request, they provide the retailer with the products’ data (images and descriptions) to enable them to sell those same products on the retailer’s site.

When customers buy the said products on the retailer’s site, the retailer gets an order in their admin panel. Then via inbuilt functionalities it notifies the dropshipping supplier about the product being requested. Subsequently, once the supplier confirms the order, they ship the product to the retailer’s end-customer.

In modern platforms the wholesaler and retailer websites are connected via an API which allows seamless integration and information exchange. This information includes but is not limited to stock and price monitoring and updates. This in turn ensures that the retailer never sells products that are out of stock at the supplier’s website or are priced differently.

Why Choose Dropshipping?

Dropshipping proves effective for eCommerce and especially for beginners in this field. This is especially true for those who do not have large capital to start with. Dropshipping  eliminates costs related to buying large quantities of products in advance as well as costs related to packaging, handling and shipping.

The main concern for the dropshipping retailer remains marketing, selling and customer service.

Considering that the retail eCommerce sales as share of general retail trade in the UK have grown from 19% to 24% in the last couple of years, it’s to be expected that dropshipping as a  model will only increase in popularity alongside the industry in general.

Shipping Times and Dropshipping

One of the most important hurdles in dropshipping business model are the shipping times. Until very recently most dropshipping providers were from China or other countries outside the UK. This made it very hard for dropshippers to offer good shipping times. Which in turn sometimes led to disappointments from the side of the customers who often would be waiting for the goods to arrive for impractically long periods of time. As dropshipping in the modern form has not been around for very long, it is still not easy to find many local UK-based dropshipping suppliers.

Automated Dropshipping from UK Suppliers with NewNine

At NewNine our dropshipping model is unique partially because of this very reason – our dropshipping system involves dropshipping from UK suppliers only. In this way we are different from most providers who mainly offer dropshipping suppliers based in China.

Another aspect that is different at NewNine is that our dropshipping process in not manual. Since the very beginning the NewNine dropshipping process has been designed to be mainly automatic.

The process of dropshipping from UK suppliers with NewNine partner program is outlined as follows.

Firstly, there is no worry about setting up your own site because with any NewNine package you will receive your very own eCommerce site as a retailer. This will be done using Getshop Today’s eCommerce platform. Getshop Today provides many eCommerce Themes to tailor your site design to your liking.

Upon your eCommerce site being created, you then need a supplier who will be sourcing your products and will be responsible for shipping them to your end-customers. This is where NewNine comes in with their dropshipping supplier network. Via our special automated dropshipping API, we will be able to import products from UK based supplier websites straight to your online site in a one-click process.

Next, you will be able to list your products on such 3rd party platforms as eBay, Facebook and others.

When your end-customer purchases your product through these platforms, your website admin panel will receive the same order automatically. From there on with a couple of clicks you will be redirected to that particular product on the supplier’s website where you can then easily place an order to the supplier. From there, the supplier will be able to complete the sales process and ship the purchased product straight to your end-customer. This is in essence how the NewNine automated UK dropshipping system works.

What You Need to Start Dropshipping from UK Suppliers

Now that we have a better understanding of what dropshipping is and how NewNine functions in particular, let’s outline what we need to start a UK based dropshipping business.

There are 3 things that are fundamental to start dropshipping from UK suppliers:

  1. Your own eCommerce website;
  2. Sourcing of products to sell;
  3. Marketing.

Your Own eCommerce Website with Dropshipping Functionalities

As mentioned earlier, upon subscribing to any of NewNine packages, you will receive your very own eCommerce site. With over several design schemes and layouts available, there are a number of ways to tailor your website to your needs. Irrespective of the package you choose, you will receive full eCommerce functionality with any package.

We will also aid in setting up your eBay Seller account as well as seller accounts on other platforms such as Facebook and other third-party marketplaces if necessary. This is done through setting up a special API to connect the platforms.

Linking your new eCommerce website to your eBay Seller account (and any other third-party marketplaces) is essential to start getting your first sales. This is because your first sales will most probably happen on these 3rd party marketplaces rather than on your own website. It takes a lot of time and effort to make your own website so popular as to get orders directly there. That is why we recommend to first focus on getting sales on these 3rd party marketplaces.

With your freshly set up eCommerce site, eBay seller account generated, and suppliers established and connected we will now move onto the sourcing of your products to sell.

Product Sourcing for Dropshipping

At this point you can now begin choosing products to import from our dropshipping UK suppliers. You can do this via our supplier network using automated tools.

Product sourcing is a core component in starting your dropshipping business. To start selling products on your eCommerce website, you must be sourcing goods with great quality and pricing. The goods must also perform competitively within the market to ensure they sell well.

However, this can prove demanding as finding products that achieve these criteria requires time, knowledge and thorough market research skills. Fortunately, there are many modern tools that help in searching for these products. The downside with these tools is their potential cost. They can be expensive and quite burdening for new eCommerce businesses or smaller brands.

Thankfully, NewNine is able to resolve these concerns by offering our subscribers highly researched data on best-selling products. This is conducted by the most effective AI in the market combined with human researcher input. No longer is there a need to carry out time-consuming research – NewNine does this on your behalf thus giving you access to the best-selling products of high quality which are simultaneously popular in the market. NewNine is there to mitigate the stress of product sourcing.