Planning on starting your own drop-shipping business, or interested in what drop-shipping is all about?

Be sure to ‘drop-in’ and take part in our free drop-shipping course seminar. This blog will outline key aspects of the course including its learning aims, course curriculum, as well as the drop-shipping process itself.

Course Learning Outcomes

By hosting this event we hope to ensure that we provide an effective and practical understanding of not only drop shipping, but also Uk dropshipping companies. We also help you start your own UK drop-shipping business. We guarantee the curriculum and approach we provide will generate success for those who seek to start their own UK drop-shipping business.

By the end of this course you will:

- Receive your very own eCommerce website: This is where you will be able to sell your products online and receive orders.

- Get access to 1000s of best-selling products: We will provide you with a supply to an array of some of the best-selling products on the market. These are sure to be competitive goods and will have an advantage on selling in the market.

- Get access to UK-based suppliers with next-day delivery on selected products: Next-day delivery ensures that your business and customers are able to receive their orders as soon as possible after purchase, this is appealing to consumers.

Moreover, we will teach you how to sell effectively on your new website and eCommerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping and other social media. Now we will move onto what exactly is drop-shipping.

What is Drop-shipping and How it Works ( Using our Platform)

Now we will outline how we conduct the drop-shipping process with NewNine.

Firstly, we conduct market research on products and help find you the best-selling ones on the market.

Next, you as the retailer will sell your chosen products on any of the many eCommerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook and/or whatever social media platform you will use.

Thereafter, your order will appear on your website’s Admin Panel, this function is specifically designed for you to help navigate your site and orders.

Then you will place the order on the goods purchased by the consumer on the supplier’s website. When using our platform UK based suppliers are the only suppliers we provide access to.

Lastly, the UK based suppliers will ship the order straight to the end-customer with fast delivery times.

Our platform provides support for several eCommerce platforms that you may wish to sell on. With our platform you can sell your products and sites such as your website, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google shopping and many other social media platforms.

We have received overwhelming positive reviews from past attendees of this event.

Event Requirements

Though the event is free and welcome to anyone planning on starting a UK based drop-shipping business, there are some requirements that must be met for attendees.

This course involves step-by-step instructions to ensure the consolidation of important information. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, we will unfortunately not be able to let you participate.

A decent competency in computer skills is required. Although this is a course for beginners in eCommerce, it is not suitable for people with very poor computer skills.

It is also highly recommended that attendees bring along their own laptops, as we cannot provide laptops in the event that multiple people fail to bring their own.


Course Curriculum

Upon attending the event, we have carefully prepared an itinerary for the day.

1) Meet and Greet

2) What is drop-shipping? - this will be a brief yet informative overview of what drop-shipping is and what it entails.

3) How GetShop Today and New9 drop-shipping system works? - this will delve more exclusively into how we conduct our UK based drop-shipping services.

4) Website domain setup – this is when we will show you the steps to set up your own eCommerce domain and website, as well as necessary functions you should be aware of.

5) Creating a free account with Getshop Today and New9 and building your own eCommerce website (free trial model). - we will show you the process of an account set up using a free trial, as well as how to build your site.

6) Creating an eBay Seller account. - a brief walk-through of the account making process

7) Integrating your new website with eBay. - how to ensure your eCommerce website is securely linked and integrated via the eBay platform.

BREAK (pizza and drinks)

8) Learning how to import products from New9 into your new websitea look at the product import process for your site

9) Learning how to list a product from your new website into eBay

10) Creating Post Magic account

11) Learning how to post your product into Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts

12) Discussion about order management and customer service – a guide on how to manage orders and ensure optimal customer service.

COVID-19 safety measures

As to ensure the utmost safety of our attendees and staff, we have implemented COVID-19 safety measures for the event. The event will be held indoors, as such we have provided a well ventilated space and plenty of antibacterial liquid for hand sanitisation. We do advise wearing masks for the attendance of the event. Unfortunately, if you have any cold symptoms at all, we cannot permit you to attend the event.


In cooperation with NewNine, we at Getshop Today have created a step-by-step guide to starting your own UK based drop-shipping business. NewNine is an add-on to Getshop Today and enables our subscribers to use advanced AI-enabled dropshipping systems. We are positive that this event will leave you well-equipped to start and run your own UK based drop-shipping business.